On January 9th 2024, Ross and Hereford Lions arranged an evening Social event at the Welsh Social Club in Hereford. Lion Debby, Neale and Brian attended to represent Severn Dean Lions. There we a good number of members from Ross-on-Wye Lions and Hereford Lions (both quite big clubs) so there was a lot to be learned. We played "Killer" skittles and had food and drink and talked a good deal.

Miss Alison Neil

respectfully begs leave to inform the LADIES and GENTLEMEN of this vicinity and the PUBLIC in general that ever anxious to contribute to their amusement, the will present the PLAY (Friday 9th, and Saturday 10th February)


or, A Tale of ROGUES and VAGABONDS

Being a lively and try Account of the triumphs and struggles of strolling players, and the brave endeavour of the famous SARAH BAKER to earn lasting Respectability for herself and her entire and talented Troup.

Written by Miss Alison NEIL

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